RateMyFreshmanExperience.com is Live!

RateMyFreshmanExperience.com is Live!

Our newest client website, RateMyFreshmanExperience.com, is now live!

The site allows college students to rate various aspects of their college or university. Unlike other college rating systems, the new website emphasizes social and environmental factors. The goal is to help incoming students to find schools where they can have a happy and successful first year.

Studies have shown that almost 25% of college students don’t return after their first year. A major cause of the high dropout rate is lack of a good social environment and support system.

RateMyFreshmanExperience.com allows college students to rate their institutions on a variety of factors, including:

  • Social Connectedness
  • Commuter Student experience
  • Residential Student experience
  • On-Campus Housing
  • Residential Dining
  • Retail Dining
  • Food Security
  • Campus Inclusion and Safety

This innovative website is an initiative of Porter Khouw Consulting, Inc. (PKC).  PKC is committed to enriching the college journey, and the new website platform embodies their dedication to understanding and enhancing the first-year experience for students.

The site was designed and built by Metro.Agency using WordPress and a number of specialized plugins to support the rating system, and content moderation. A small amount of custom software was written to overcome limitations in the plugins.

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